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Meal Prep Magic


I designed the Meal Prep Magic Community to help busy moms and professionals learn how to develop a quick and efficient system for getting themselves (and their families) fed with nourishing and healthy food–without spending countless hours in the grocery store or the kitchen.

(You’ve got a FUN life to live–and food is only part of the fun!)

I know your DREAM might be to have an in-home chef to help with healthy food prep and cooking–and I also know that this is not financially feasible for most of us. 

So, I’ve created the next best thing…

Welcome to Meal Prep Magic!

Amy Civica
Learn More About Meal Prep Magic

Meal Prep Magic is an online community that cooks together and stays healthy!

We're creating a space where you can fall in love with all things food.

Learn how to simplify your meal prep process, save weekly time at the grocery

store and in your kitchen, and create meals that nourish your mind, body, and soul. 


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The Meal Prep Magic Community (MPMC) was created for people just like you who want to:
  • Cut down the time spent in the grocery store,

  • Cut down the time spent preparing meals and 

  • Cut down the time spent cooking and cleaning up. 


{The BEST THING about Meal Prep Magic? We are not cutting out the flavor, the nutrition, or the love that goes into

keeping you (and your family) healthy.}


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You spend hours in the grocery store–or avoid the stores at all costs–because grocery shopping feels like an overwhelming task. 

  • You rack your brain every week, wondering what meals to cook for yourself/your family. 

  • You want to create healthy meals for you/your family but don’t want to spend hours cooking and cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. 

  • You long for a more organized kitchen and meal prep strategy so that you can simplify and prioritize meal planning and cooking.

  • You are a busy mom or professional and can’t afford an expensive, in-home meal prep service. 

  • You don’t necessarily love to cook because it stresses you out! 


If you found yourself nodding your head to any of the above statements, I’m so glad you found Meal Prep Magic!  


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“Amy’s meal prep system saves me so much time!”


Specialty - Bannana Muffins.jpg

“Learning to cook with Amy is fun! She makes all things food simple and stress free.”

- Sarah

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