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Meet Amy

Amy Civica grew up on a small farm in Oregon where she was exposed to an amazing kitchen with homegrown everything–and she wanted nothing to do with any of it! She refused to learn to cook anything but cakes, cookies, and boxed mac n’ cheese. Strangely, the things she did cook were “the best” –according to her siblings.


When life took her to Italy at 28, Amy was enthralled with the LOVE and SIMPLICITY that infused the kitchens she was blessed to be invited into. She became interested in cooking but knew she didn’t want “kitchen time” to become a 3x/day event like most households. 


While living in Italy, Amy was instilled with a love for creating simple and easy meals to “whip up.” She loved the culture and cuisine but was not interested in being in the kitchen morning, noon, or night! When she returned to the States, she knew she could help people simplify their mealtimes because of the systems she had developed for her own family. 

After starting her first business 10 years ago, Amy in Your Kitchen, Amy’s desire to reach more people has manifested in creating the Meal Prep Magic Series and Community. She’s filled countless refrigerators with healthy meals and can’t wait to share her systems and tools with you! Amy’s mission is to bring JOY to YOUR kitchen. She is passionate about helping people make their kitchens a peaceful place where eating food is a pleasurable experience. 


Amy invites you to learn from her kitchen struggles that have inspired 

people around the globe to make their kitchens fun, fast, and fabulous!  

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Meet Owen

Owen Civica, Amy's son, has officially been a part of the team for a year now. He started his life in the kitchen at a very young age. At four years old, he moved to Italy - where he witnessed first-hand the flops of his mom - and has watched her grow into the chef she is today. Together, they grew their love of cooking, and family is a huge part of their "why" and inspiration in creating meals with love. 

Owen has been helping his mom create recipes for years. He has always loved experimenting with flavors and wrote his first recipe for a smoothie when he was nine! His understanding of layering flavors has grown into a wonderful gift–and he loves experimenting in the kitchen!

Now, as a partner with his mom, Owen can share his talents and recipes with the world. Together, we will inspire you to find joy in the kitchen as we share our best tricks to keep things simple and yummy.

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